Fully Curated – Tweets from the Month of March

I often hear that people enjoy the articles that I share.  I’ve even been hearing the term “curation” recently.  I know it was a big month for tweets and decided to take a little time to pull together a list of what I curated from my twitter feeds during the month of March.    Here it is in one place…a month full of tweets.

Amazon Locker

  1. Amazon faces backlash over music locker service http://goo.gl/ew5KF
  2. The Cloud Will Be Your Hard Drive, Despite The Record Labels’ Greed http://t.co/AqzzNNj
  3. HOW TO: Use Amazon Cloud Player With iOS Devices http://t.co/zO0J7Om


  1. Rumors: iOS5, iPhone5, iPad3…Cloud-Based iOS 5 This Fall? http://bit.ly/h47fwx
  2. Rumor: iOS 5 will be a ‘major revamp,’ won’t debut until fall http://pulsene.ws/17isK more heavily cloud-based iOS
  3. Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1 http://bit.ly/gYoOC5
  4. iPhone 5 rumor central http://t.co/poa3QEk (info graphic) http://yfrog.com/gzmzczcj
  5. Apple To Let Users Use Cloud Service To Download Songs To Multiple iDevices http://pulsene.ws/14ebq
  6. good post on post-PCness http://www.sampletheweb.com/2011/03/04/dear-apple-youre-not-post-pc-until-you-cut-the-cord/


  1. Why AT&T Bought T-Mobile http://pulsene.ws/15Lsd
  2. One bad company buying another: AT&T buys TMobile http://tinyurl.com/6cfe8j2
  3. RWW AT&T Starts Sending Letters to Jailbroken Tetherers, Will Automatically Charge Fee http://rww.to/f1hRLx

My Blog Posts

  1. Facebook Today, Reminds Me of AOL in 1998 http://t.co/Kuu6VfM
  2. Here’s my iPad 2 first impressions blog post http://t.co/yteyHCY
  3. My Post illustrating Mobility & Ease of Consumption http://is.gd/DDukd5


  1. The 4 Personas of the Next-Generation #CIO now on #hbr http://bit.ly/en5EHK?


  1. Great, simple explanation of Dropbox; http://t.co/2xbw4tO
  2. Cloud computing: A market for computing power | The Economist: http://bit.ly/hAlInv

Enterprise 2.0

  1. Expertise Location: The Killer App for Enterprise Social Computing http://t.co/aOnkEGR
  2. List of Enterprise 2.0 CFP winners is now available #e2conf. Congrats to the winners! http://bit.ly/e63w84
  3. good discussion w/ IBM’er on adoption The Psychology of Collaboration http://feedly.com/k/dNnqrL
  4. Excellent analogy: email vs. SocNets. :Trains, Sliding Doors and Social Networks http://tumblr.com/xhe1qji74d
  5. BT Intranet SharePoint 2010 examples http://goo.gl/tSZAS
  6. Merck looks to Facebook for employee portal, CSR effort – Medical Marketing and Media http://t.co/EpOHV71
  7. Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent http://bit.ly/eMfjxc By @elsua
  8. The military shows the need for information sharing and local decision making http://t.co/vzXPiu9 post by @BartSchutte
  9. Challenges of transforming large, rigid org cultures into agile and aware networks: Great post: http://t.co/kVlkB8r.
  10. Awesome, Socialcast evolves the #hashtag for all people to understand – http://is.gd/0P1M5i
  11. If true other teams are running plays on field while MSFT is in locker room deciding uniform colors. http://engt.co/h739tL
  12. Good advice on social software adoption: http://t.co/tsaf2XE
  13. Video: The Conference Call http://post.ly/1gajI
  14. Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram http://t.co/S2taO5l by @adowbor


  1. eBay acquires GSI Commerce for $2.4 billion http://dlvr.it/Lnhjd


  1. List of Social Intranet, Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration, Engagement, and HR Technology Experts http://ow.ly/4nbeu


  1. Gaming for engagement is trending… using game design in non-gaming contexts http://bit.ly/h62xXc
  2. How do you become a futurist? http://bit.ly/ik3jKx “claim you are and people either believe you or not” says @rossdawson
  3. 1373 Twitter users with “Futurist” in their bios http://bit.ly/eHnL2r
  4. [VIDEOS] The latest robots are virtually indistinguishable from people http://bit.ly/esxMLX
  5. Very cool #future “day in the life” video (Corning) http://bit.ly/e1PX0U “A Day Made of Glass”
  6. Top 10 Dying Industries: Newspapers, Photo Finishing, Record Shops make the list: http://bit.ly/gbVv2g


  1. Google copies Facebook’s Like Button http://bit.ly/e1iBSY
  2. Google Announces New Service for Nonprofits http://is.gd/ZroO4B
  3. Half A Billion Blog Posts Later, Google To Give Blogger A Revamp http://dlvr.it/KGBTD


  1. Groupon moving towards real-time location based coupons. Two buttons: I’m Hungry, I’m Bored. http://Ez.com/grpn
  2. CHART OF THE DAY: Watch Groupon Go From 0 To $25 Billion In The Blink Of An Eye http://read.bi/ea2POb


  1. How Small Businesses Are Using #SocialMedia [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/aQU16xQ
  2. The #SocialMedia World Before Twitter And Facebook [Infographic] – http://bit.ly/dQhQHP
  3. Infographic of the Day: The Next 25 Years in Emerging Tech | Co.Design http://t.co/7tkiBKB
  4. Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? [INFOGRAPHIC] http://pulsene.ws/149cx
  5. #Tablet comparison #infographic – http://ow.ly/48nMB http://yfrog.com/h06mjvaj
  6. nice info graphic on the culture aspect http://dld.bz/Mcyc
  7. Should you be on LinkedIn? [infographic] http://bit.ly/dVMvLa
  8. How Mobile Shopping Is Changing The World [Infographic] – http://bit.ly/h2UETL

iPad / Tablets

  1. 18 Million #WordPress Websites Now Available in #iPad Format http://on.mash.to/g8gY8t
  2. iPad to go on sale outside US: Apple Inc to stick to plans to roll out product this week. http://bit.ly/f3wulH
  3. BlackBerry Playbook Will Be Available In 20,000 Retailers http://tcrn.ch/feSMBw
  4. RT @MacOutfittersPA: Read our new blog post, iPad 2: First Impressions http://bit.ly/fF7zg2
  5. 7 Twitter Apps For iPad: http://bit.ly/expOJl
  6. Five ways the iPad 2 works on the buyer’s subconscious: http://cnet.co/hmQ3RC
  7. The Week in iPad Cases: The iPad 2 has landed: All your choices explained http://yhoo.it/dXANhF
  8. Apple could face iPad 2 component shortages: http://yhoo.it/i5CNIS
  9. This looks like a promising iPad app. http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2011/03/03/100-cameras-in-1-for-the-ipad/
  10. Why the iPad is awesome @TreyRatcliff shows off cool photo processing app http://t.co/75XrXU8 100 cameras
  11. Equal Time…iPad 2: The Skeptic’s Review: http://bit.ly/gZpzLV
  12. iPad 2: A Gaming Machine?: The iPad 2 is out, but is it a good gaming machine? http://bit.ly/dJfilH
  13. Dell and HP: Two computer giants prepare for a world no longer dominated by the PC http://econ.st/h3EHnJ
  14. Putting iPads To Work — my guide: http://t.co/6l96oFh by @waltmossberg
  15. How To Collaborate With Others Online Using Your iPad http://goo.gl/fb/Y8cuu
  16. iPad Essentials for the Network Administrator http://goo.gl/ZDuhg
  17. The 3 Best iPad PDF Markup Apps; – http://goo.gl/CDO1c
  18. Interesting: what is in that iPad smart cover: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad-2-Smart-Cover-Teardown/5089/1
  19. iPad 2 jailbroken, no ETA on public release http://pulsene.ws/158L9
  20. Backordered: Total iPad sellout – 70% new buyers: http://bit.ly/gPwzPp Fortune Article
  21. So, what’s inside the iPad 2? http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad-2-Wi-Fi-Teardown/5071/1
  22. IPad2 offers aspiring movie makers the whole package http://usat.ly/hLjX9c via USA TODAY
  23. My hunt for the elusive iPad 2 delivers some big game http://zd.net/fc2en4 <-my story in comments
  24. Mobile Harmony: iPad 2, Android & Windows 7 http://bit.ly/hh2f2Z
  25. Maybe… Here’s What’s Coming In The iPad 3 (AAPL) http://bit.ly/hTLz0i
  26. iPad 2: Thin, Not Picture Perfect My review: http://t.co/KDziWmM #ipad2 by @waltmossberg
  27. How does apple really feel about their new Ipad2? Here is the video: http://goo.gl/j4w0J
  28. Want a 3G iPad 2 and Own an iPhone? Here’s How You Save $130 http://bit.ly/eMRVBe
  29. Original iPad Better Than Ever: Here’s why. Price and Apps http://fxn.ws/gQjhnm
  30. Unleashing creativity in many ways… How the iPad revolution has transformed working lives http://t.co/o7n8t1C
  31. Did you write a post on how to transfer your data from your first iPad to your new iPad 2? A. Yes http://bit.ly/id7wLX
  32. How To Use iPad 2 | A New User Guide http://t.co/5lTsJJD [massive post on how to use your new ipad]
  33. It’s Apple’s ‘post-PC’ world — we’re all just living in it. http://r2.ly/7c5j
  34. 10 more top 10 reasons to buy an iPad 2 http://bit.ly/i8y2LW
  35. An iPad Lover’s (Initial) Thoughts On iPad 2 http://tcrn.ch/dH7ujY
  36. iPad 2 Rollout Leads to Massive Deflation in Secondary Market http://pulsene.ws/13Rck
  37. Watch the iPad 2 March 2nd Event Keynote – http://t.co/RFKqyo0 #iPad2
  38. Steve Jobs announces iPad 2 http://bit.ly/hOzJUO #ipad2
  39. Watching the live blog: http://engt.co/dV3fmx for iPad2
  40. It’s iPad day! Faster, slimmer, 2-camera iPad said likely: http://bit.ly/gl74VG <-summary of latest rumors Wednesday, March 02, 2011
  41. To take on Apple, new tablets go where iPad won’t – http://bit.ly/fq8V1T
  42. Check out “The DVD Era Finally Ends – Thanks to the iPad” http://bit.ly/gn2ywA


  1. Japan: whatever happened to the nuclear meltdown? http://bit.ly/hzSUNr March 23
  2. Catching up on developments in Japan http://n.pr/h916CQ March 19
  3. These images are just sobering. If you need some perspective click here: http://bit.ly/gTZdVU March 16
  4. I don’t have words big enough to persuade why you should. The pics from Japan tell that story. http://ht.ly/4f4KT, March 15
  5. Cometh the hour http://pulsene.ws/15ihx by @jobsworth, March 14
  6. Amazing views of the devastation in Japan http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/japan-quake-2011/beforeafter.htm March 13
  7. Desperation and panic grip Japan (Reuters) http://reut.rs/fIBSrH “Like a scene from a disaster movie”March 12
  8. Google is helping to curate info about the Earthquake. http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html March 12

Location Based Services

  1. Neiman Marcus Launches Nationwide SCVNGR Challenge http://tinyurl.com/4gjruko


  1. Introducing LinkedIn Today http://t.co/Ya7SBrC


  1. Amazingly, MySpace’s Decline Is Accelerating http://bit.ly/dHtTFh


  1. Want to Engage Senior Executives? Think Mobile. http://bit.ly/gbvCjl
  2. Nine Powerful Apps That Convert Your iPhone Into A Knowledge Hub http://bit.ly/frB3Nk
  3. The Judge Group Launches Mobile Website – March 16, 2011 (Phila) http://ow.ly/1bNwaX
  4. March 28, Phila, Mobile Health Forum http://t.co/FbPKijK
  5. 90% of the world now lives in a place with access to a mobile network http://goo.gl/KaTzL
  6. Hmmm..I need to give this a try… How to build location based app in five minutes, with no coding http://bit.ly/dRQdw4
  7. AT&T Confirms Mobile Hotspot Support for iPhone http://bit.ly/fcxKKq
  8. The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Mobile: http://su.pr/25JI2F
  9. My fav so far is instagram… 22 Ways To Tweet Photos & Images from your iPhone: http://bit.ly/ieWmWv
  10. How Mobile Shopping Is Changing The World [Infographic] – http://bit.ly/h2UETL
  11. http://ow.ly/4pnph Smartphone use is expected to increase by 50% in 2011


  1. Salesforce buys Radian6 / http://tcrn.ch/eXxCsC
  2. Salesforce.com buys Radian6, an excellent move! Details http://bit.ly/gDETbH

Social Business Summit

  1. RT @joningham: My post on John Hagel session at #SBS2011 http://bit.ly/ijsN27
  2. All the tweets, pics and posts from Social Business Summit Austin: http://jimworth.pbworks.com/w/page/37688605/Social-Business-Summit-2011
  3. Reflections on Social Business Summit 2011 – Syndey and Austin http://t.co/wJ0clCl http://yfrog.com/h48b5rp
  4. Social Business Summit 2011 first half round up http://dach.is/gmghEB
  5. 2011 Social Business Summit Review http://bit.ly/fjciuO
  6. Social Business is Here: Review of the 2011 Social Business Summit Austin http://t.co/z3Atf0C by @andyjankowski
  7. Curated #sbs2011 tweet stream, courtesy of @keepstream. http://dach.is/gohoQv
  8. check out #sbs2011 to see great feedback on Dachis’ first summit in Sydney. Join others near you: http://bit.ly/70rO2V

Social Business

  1. Career path of the social business professional – Being Peter Kim http://t.co/FbkXTZV
  2. Watching the rise of “Social Business” over Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0. http://yfrog.com/h48t3dj http://bit.ly/hAIkwQ

Sunday Series

  1. Sunday Series: “Absolute Truth” Click the 3/21 message: http://feeds.harvest.org/ANB or direct to mp3: http://bit.ly/fwqQdt by @greglaurie Sunday, March 27
  2. Sunday Series: “Raising The Dead” Click the 3-13 message: http://bit.ly/efUfoz Or direct to mp3: http://bit.ly/e8gptp Sunday, March 20
  3. Sunday Series: How Close Are We? Click the 3/06 message: http://bit.ly/f8lYKw or direct to mp3: http://bit.ly/fcxmxy @bridgefm Sunday, March 13
  4. Sunday Series: “From Thunder to Love” Click the 2/20 message: http://bit.ly/getBcM Or direct to mp3: http://bit.ly/faVuYx Sunday, March 06


  1. 2011 Insights from @bobpearson1845 http://bit.ly/hdPLxn
  2. RT @ShannonPaul Blog post – My Takeaways From SXSW Interactive http://bit.ly/ey0sq9
  3. SXSW 2011: Great for Networking, But No Technology Breakthroughs http://t.co/zqN2P0n
  4. Zappos spreading the #Happiness story w/ new #brand. at #SXSW http://bit.ly/dQNQOS
  5. At each SXSW a new technology gains early adopter attention, one contender is groupme http://t.co/tblUkoc


  1. Topsy’s “Selinah”, 1 of 10 amazing “Ads Worth Spreading” from #TED: http://www.ted.com/initiatives/aws/selinah.html
  2. Target’s “Kaleidoscopic”, 1 of 10 amazing “Ads Worth Spreading” from TED: http://on.ted.com/8yFb
  3. Intel’s The Chase, 1 of 10 amazing “Ads Worth Spreading” from TED: http://www.ted.com/initiatives/aws/the_chase.html
  4. TED Ads Worth Spreading: If You Only Watch 10 Ads This Year Make It These http://www.ted.com/initiatives/aws
  5. RT @jordanayan Rode in Google’s new self-driving car at #TED a highlight of the conference http://budurl.com/TEDcar
  6. Here is a link to a detailed story on the amazing kidney printing demo at #TED2011 – http://budurl.com/TEDkid


  1. No one uses the phone anymore http://bit.ly/fuJngc
  2. Entire movies compressed into single barcodes http://ow.ly/4au4T
  3. “Google before you tweet” is the new “think before you speak” http://bit.ly/newtruthisms
  4. Something to do with those old books  Masterful sculptures made from large books. http://bit.ly/eOicoL


  1. Best practices for the “retweet” http://t.co/xQyjDr7
  2. 10 Memorable Tweets From Twitter’s Five Years in Existence: http://abcn.ws/eryfvf
  3. How do you explain what Twitter is to someone that’s never used it? http://bit.ly/gp6vo4
  4. YES!!! Finally got my Twiter https option!!! Everyone should enable it!! http://bit.ly/dLPrFB http://tnw.co/ech1SY
  5. Captures reasons why I prefer Twitter to Facebook – http://t.co/PxNPpB2
  6. How to do Twitter in 15 minutes a day http://ow.ly/44nz8
  7. Paper.li is my fav so far… 4 Ways to Read Your #SocialMedia Updates as Newspaper http://bit.ly/ibgVEs
  8. Very Cool: try VisibleTweets – looks great on a large screen! Eg: http://bit.ly/hV0Dvx

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