2 Months with my iPad

Welcome to all the new Global iPad owners.

Here is what I’ve learned since I got mine as an impulse buy on the US launch Day, April 3.

My favorite apps / ways of working:

Twitterrific for tweets
Weatherbug for weather
Instapaper for saving tweets
Amazon Kindle app for my books
Facebook on the safari browser
Yammer on the browser or iPhone app
Google maps
Gmail as the default mail client
Netflix for watching the instant queue
Planets for sky gazing

What are your favorites?


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3 responses to “2 Months with my iPad

  1. >Nice compilation. Agree w/ most reco's. Here are some more not-to-be-missed ones:- GoodReader for My Documents on iPad- NPR, FT, Newsy, BBC News, Thompson Reuters (great news pics) for news- Sobees for how it organizes facebook content- WedMD

  2. >Hi Jim.Hope all is well with you and yours.So what is your overall experience with the iPad?

  3. >Jim- can I put these on our Jive table?

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