My 2010 Prediction

Short and sweet:

Web 2.0 will explode in leading edge enterprises in 2010 (and become mainstream in 2011-2012). This will be the year of Enterprise 2.0 or E20 for short.

With the release of Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and IBM’s focus on Lotus Connections, with increased use with Yammer, Jive and others in the enterprise, large organizations will embrace social media tools to improve internal collaboration.

We will see an increase in internal microblogging. Right now Yammer seems to be the main game, but there is much room for others since their jump from “free” to charging is a very steep jump.

Activity streams will begin to replace email updates. Social tagging, social bookmarking, and content rating will make it through the watchful eye of over conservative HR and Legal departments, breaking through from pent up user demand.

We will see the introduction of profile systems like LinkedIn and Facebook in the enterprise as the foundation of the new employee directory. These profiles will join to form groups or communities either official or ad hoc. The group structure will better reflect the fast pace of change within the enterprise and may even become the de facto org structure pulling together the “matrix” approach of many organizations into something that is possible to navigate (based on how real work gets done).

Leading edge organizations will bring in Youtube capabilities to allow anyone in the enterprise to share videos (training, how to, promotion, etc.). Accenture, for one, already does this with great success.

Other leading edge organizations who have already established E20 will begin to extend it outside the enterprise to selected eco-system partners. This is generally uncharted territory, but should be a good wave to ride for the next 5 years.

Yes, I’m optimistic and thrilled to be one of the people making this happen.

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